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April Identiti 2 Mini Screen


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Mini Bath Screen

  • Polish Silver

  • 1400mm high x 300mm wide

  • 6mm toughened safety glass

  • Clean & Clear™ easy clean glass treatment

  • Large adjustment for out of true walls

  • For use with a shower curtain

  • Lifetime guarantee





Easy Clean GlassTreatment.




Clean & Clear Glass Protection is an innoative nano technology protection barrier.




  • Creates a non stick surface

  • resists lime scale build up and water spots

  • Easier to clean and keep clean

  • Maintains pristine appearance for longer

  • Hinders bacteria growth for a mor hygenic environment




The Problem with Untreated Glass




The surface of glass is not completely smooth; under a microscopeglass has a rough surface of peaks and potholes.Water,limescale and mineral salts can quickly build up in this uneven surface causing permanent staining and damage.




How Clean and Clear Works




Clean and Clear nano-molecules chemically fuse with the surface of the glass and acts as a long lasting protective barrier.The hydrophobic or repellent properties stop lime scale and other residue from bonding to the glass.It is completely transparent,non-hazardous and unlike traditiional coating applications,Clean and Clear will never discolour,peel or crack.




Kinder to the Environment



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